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All About The Studio, Hoboken’s new adult dance studio

Just a year ago, we spoke with Lauren Greenwood, dancer and owner of The Studio, about her new venture in Hoboken. She was about to open a dance studio for adults, the first of its kind. Unfortunately, right after her first class schedule was announced, the pandemic hit and she couldn’t open. We love seeing businesses thrive and overcome the adversity the pandemic has so kindly brought with it and now we’re thrilled to welcome The Studio to Hoboken for real this time at Pavana Yoga’s former studio at 251 1st Street. hoboken girl had the chance to talk with Lauren about all things professional dance and what to expect from The Studio classes. Read on for our interview with Lauren Greenwood, owner of The Studio in Hoboken.

Hoboken Girl: Tell us a bit about yourself. Were you a dancer growing up?

Lawrence Greenwood: I was a dancer and danced from the age of four all the way through college. Unfortunately I had a back injury and they said I wouldn’t be able to do it professionally. They were right and I realized that once out of college there was really no place to go once I left town. I dropped it for a long time and decided to put it in my back pocket and move on, but dancing has always been my number 1 and the hardest thing for me to lose, so I thought, well, I can’t teach but I know people who can.

HG: I love the concept of an adults-only dance studio. What made you decide to pursue this?

LG: I found out that there are so many people like me who say “I grew up dancing but now…” so why can’t we have a corporate/day job and also dance? The best shape I was in was when I was dancing and it was fun. I was training at different places but always just wanted to dance so I decided to open it myself. There are of course ballroom and Zumba classes, but nothing when it comes to ballet, tap, jazz, etc.

HG: You were a professional dancer, but what about people who want to take a class but may feel intimidated to do so if they’ve never danced before?

LG: Our classes are from beginner to advanced, so whether you’ve never danced before or just haven’t danced in ten years, there’s a level for you. We know it’s going to be beginner to advanced and it allows us to grow with our students which is exciting. If we have a lot of advanced students, there is always the possibility of creating an advanced level class.

Hoboken Girl: Can you tell us a bit about where you were a year ago with the Studio compared to where you are now?

LG: I was going to start on a smaller scale to try it out and see what the response would be. It was going to be a studio on Newark Street and I was going to share the space with a CrossFit gym that had a dance studio across the hall, so classes would only be held a few days a week. I brought in a Moulin Rouge dancer, a tap teacher, an Italian dancer, and we were ready to open on March 31 and unfortunately everything was closed in mid-March. As disappointing as that was, the way things have worked now is even better as we now have our own dedicated space that we don’t share, allowing us to offer many more options.

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The Hoboken Studio

HG: What can people expect to see a class at the Studio?

LG: Each class will last a full hour and it will depend on the genre, but the general foundation is a really solid warm-up, usually followed by technical work either on the floor or on the center floor. From there you learn or work on techniques from a combination and then eventually move on to learning the combination. The genres we offer include street jazz, broadway jazz, pit jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary and even a potential class of heels {which has been in high demand}.

HG: And what about the teachers? Who will they be?

LG: You’ll have teachers teaching regularly, but because they work in the professional dance world, some will pop in and out as well, which makes it fun. Some of the teachers currently teach or have taught at the city’s Steps and Broadway Dance Center. One of the teachers is a professional dancer from Italy who has toured with many companies around the world. The list of experiences these teachers have is long, but to name a few, some of our teachers have been in Hamilton on Broadway, danced at the Grammys, appeared on World of Dance, and more. We plan to host fun events once a month where teachers who aren’t as available because they work on Broadway or elsewhere will come teach for an entire day or afternoon to be special guest teachers.

For anyone interested in participating in Studio classes, a schedule will be posted in mid-April at the latest. To view these class schedules and for more information, visit