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Copper Country News | The Power Elite Dance Academy trains with Tremaine Dance Conventions

Dancers from the greater Globe/Miami/San Carlos area who are members of the Power Elite Dance Academy Competitive Company traveled to Henderson, Nevada to attend the 41st Annual Power of Dance Tour with Tremaine Dance Conventions. This premier national dance education circuit features a professional faculty led by Joe Tremaine and his team, offering the best courses in the industry to dancers across the United States. Power Elite dancers, led by owner Tina McCarey, are preparing rigorously for this event in hopes of placing themselves in competition and bringing the accolades back to their hometown – and this year did not disappoint!

Compagnie PEDA dancers aged 6 to 18 participated in this event, training in masterclasses from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. for three consecutive days in subjects such as ballet, tap, hip hop , contemporary and classical jazz. The dancers and teachers also had the opportunity to attend lectures and panels with the guest artists and teachers, making it a great learning experience for all. Tremaine is recognized for his high quality training in all areas, but above all positions himself as a leader in maintaining the fundamentals of classical jazz dance. Students take hour-long lessons from some of the country’s top dancers in their respective age categories, creating new friendships, pushing the boundaries of the mental and physical aspects of dance, gaining self-confidence and receiving renewal. sense of love for athletics and the expression of their art.

One of the most unique aspects of Tremaine Dance Conventions is the emphasis on higher education and the inclusion of all cultural and classical techniques in the world of dance. PEDA students have all had the opportunity to audition for scholarships; awards ranging from one-time Tremaine Events tuition awards to coveted one-year Tremaine Events tuition passes and the most sought-after college scholarship award at the prestigious AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, with merit-based awards in the amounts of $40,000 to $60,000 given to high school students entering their junior or senior year.

McCarey often affectionately refers to Tremain’s competitive section as “the icing on the cake” when addressing members of her dance company. The chance to represent our community on the main stage during both nights of competition is a highlight of the event. This year, the PEDA company obtained a wide range of awards among the youngest, from the youngest group of dancers to the top team, as well as among the top three for all the production numbers including several PEDA groups. Many students also courageously took to the stage to participate in solo dances and were showered with praise. While bringing home a slew of trophies is quite the feat, it’s the memories created between staff and team members that will last a lifetime.

This year, PEDA Senior Anisa Spurgeon was a member of the coveted Tremaine Dance Company. She attended multiple stops across the country on the Power Dance Tour and represented her studio with grace and gratitude. It was a proud moment for all as she took to the stage during the closing ceremonies, performing on the Tremaine Faculty Show among the other members of this season’s TDC. It was a moment of pride and accomplishment that PEDA staff and dancers will look to for years as an inspiration to work hard and set big goals in their dancing careers, with McCarey at the helm and heart of it all.