Dance studio

Dance studio donation boosts campaign

Tina McGrady | [email protected]

A significant donation from Dance by Deborah staff, students and families helped propel the Sunshine Society’s 110th Annual Certificate of Encouragement Campaign much closer to its goal of helping feed local families in need.

The local dance studio donated $3,628 in memory of Grace Kochert and Connie Meek, bringing the fund’s total to $10,749.07 on Friday. This year’s campaign goal is $15,000.

The Cheer Certificate program is a collaboration between the Crawfordsville High School Sunshine Society and the local Tri Kappa sorority chapter. The groups solicit financial donations from community members and then award those funds to local families in the form of incentive certificates.

These certificates can be redeemed for groceries at Kroger in Crawfordsville. Certificates vary in value depending on family size.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Cheer Certificate Fund must complete a donation form, which is published regularly in the Journal Review and can also be viewed online at Donations can be made in honor or in memory of family or friends, or donations can be made anonymously. The names of donors will be printed regularly in the newspaper.

Donations should be mailed to The Sunshine Society, PO Box 243, Crawfordsville, IN 47933. Be sure to write “CHS” in the “Pay to order of” line on the check.

All donations stay in the community. Donations are accepted until mid-January and the last day to redeem certificates is January 31.

Recent donations to the Sunshine Society include: $20 former Sunshine Girl in memory of her husband Bill; $50 Tom and Robyn Henderson in memory of Billy H. Henderson; $50 Barbara and Peggy in memory of Lowell Alward and Patrick Alward; $100 American Legion Auxiliary Post #72 in memory of veterans; $100 family in memory of Elizabeth Capper; $50 Jessie Stewart in memory of Alan and Larry Stewart; $50 Conrad and Judy Harvey; $15 anonymous; $100 Suzanne Pluhar in memory of Robert and Maxine Smith, Robert Smith Jr. and Toyia Barnett; $50 anonymous; $50 anonymous;

Also, $50 anonymous in memory of Cora, Kizzie and Todd Lewis; $50 Gary and Sarah Woodsmall in memory of Jim Richards; $100 anonymous; $25 anonymous; $25 Susan Rosen in memory of Clara Lou Milligan, Becky Howerton; $50 Greg and Martha Bell in memory of our parents; $25 Kathy Jarvis Smith in memory of my father Jim Jarvis and my grandparents; $20 Gerry Turner in memory of Carolyn Winger; $25 mom in memory of Dennis Moore; $50 Paul and Carol Laursen in memory of John Steele; $50 Gerry Hargrove in memory of Mike and Jay Hargrove;

Also, $200 Evelyn Miles in memory of Joe Spear, Dorval and Gertrude Beck, James A Beck, Russell and Lulu Miles, Harold Miles, Lloyd and Maxine Vaught, Clyde Himes, John Peabody, Eldon and Kay Booher; $50 Jean and Darlene in memory of Carolyn and Darrell Walton; $25 Debbie, Amanda, Ben, Camden and Mason in memory of Jerry L. Wright; $25 anonymous in memory of loved ones; $50 Carla Bridwell in memory of Rick Bridwell; $50 anonymous; $50 Linda Thompson in memory of Arlie Thompson; $50 Tobey and Peggy Herzog; $50 anonymous in memory of Bob, Ellie and Bobby Morris;

Also, $40 Dick and Carol in memory of Ervin, Pearl, Lester and Dorothy; $100 anonymous; $50 Ron and Kathy Whipple in memory of our parents; $250 anonymous; $50 Gary and Rosy Hart in memory of Charles, Lena, Blanton, Gerald and Jane Hart; $50 anonymous; $250 Janet and Tony Johnson in memory of Phyllis and Cecil Dunlap; $25 anonymous in memory of Florence Jolley; $50 Mike and Jill Shubert in memory of the Miller/Shubert families; $25 Janice Surber and her family in memory of Ronald Surber and Jeff Surber; $100 anonymous in memory of Patricia Renick, Beth Weir, Dale Bishop and Ruth Renick; $75 Kathleen Kim Bell in memory of Marilyn, Elizabeth and Warren Bell; and $100 Darlington Pet Clinic in honor of past clients and their pets.