Dance studio

Dance Studio makes a triumphant return with its first live competition –

Dance leotards and shoes were dusted off as Swift Current’s dance studio took the stage for its first live competition in two years.

For the past two years, the studio has continued classes with a combination of in-person and zoom. Last year they managed to enter a virtual competition which was filmed at the studio and also gave a digital recital at the end of May.

This month, for the first time in two years, dancers were able to take the stage at the Leader Dance Fusion competition and achieved impressive results according to dance studio owner Melissa Wallace.

“Our studio had 16 dancers who were present and they performed a total of 31 routines. They did solos, duets, trios and group dances. Of the 31 routines we performed, 26 of them finished in the top three in their category.”

9 different studios entered the competition from across the Southwest. Wallace adds that there was a very excited and positive vibe and the audience was very enthusiastic and it was great to hear live applause.

Of the 26 routines that ranked, one received third place, four received second place, and twenty-one of the routines received first place. Additionally, Wallace adds that seven of the routines also won some of the competition’s final overall awards.

Wallace reflected on his feelings returning to live competition.

“It was almost surreal because it had been so long and it was so happy and positive. Everyone had the nerves that come with going on stage live, those were a little more heightened because it makes two full years or for some of them for three years that they are no longer on stage.”

Wallace adds that they were so happy to see the students being able to dance and the students came off stage excited and thinking about future live competitions. She says that although she felt like it had been two years since she had been on stage, she also felt normal again.

The dance studio is looking to continue their winning streak by attending the upcoming Kindersley Konnection Dance Festival and Swift Current Festival of Friends dance competitions taking place in the coming weeks.