Dance academy

Denison Dance Academy offers online classes

Denison Dance Academy owner Illona Nogarr said she was doing what she could to keep her dancers on while her studio remained closed. She said she got help filming the classes and posting those videos on YouTube to help the girls stay in shape.

“It’s good for them to keep stretching their muscles and working out,” Nogarr said.

Nogarr said she doesn’t know if the June 19 broadcast of Sleeping Beauty will be delayed or not, but they will continue to work nonetheless.

She has 35 dancers in the show working in production.

“We’re ready to go when we finally get back together,” Nogarr said. “All we have to say to each other, we use an application through our website. I am not in contact with the students but with the parents. The students are doing their work at home. I am lucky that they work really hard.”

Nogarr said his dancers are fully committed to their craft. She said the work never stops. Even with the studio closed, she continues to work making costumes, painting sets and getting things ready for the show.

Nogarr said this current situation is more difficult for them than it was recovering from after the October 9 fire that temporarily displaced his students.

“I’m blessed that we have people who never stop,” Nogarr said. “It’s different. YouTube is nice to keep us going. It’s the first time, it’s new for me. There’s always a first time for something. I hope they don’t lose their stamina or their technique as they continue to work from home Every disaster that befalls us is good because these girls are so dedicated.

She hopes the show will go as planned, but she is prepared for a delay. She will have the show when the time is right.

Right now, she said the hardest part was not seeing her daughters face to face.

“I love seeing them work so hard,” Nogarr said. “Seeing them dance is beautiful. For the girls too, they are such good friends with each other. Now they can’t be together anymore. It makes things more difficult.”

She hopes the government will be able to help businesses get started. She said that although she has her own building, she has to maintain it herself and classes are not running, which is hurting her business.

She said she stays in touch with the parents to pass on information to the girls. She said the kids all kept their spirits up. They are very upset to be absent. Their hopes remain high that the show continues. His advice to the public is to keep your spirits up and listen to good music.

Even with her studio closed and her dancers dispersed, Nogarr is already working on the next show, a rock concert for next year which she says is her first attempt.

“I really love music and I want people to keep their spirits up,” Nogarr said.