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Kelly Sanders is founding a new dance studio – The Troy Messenger

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for the Voltage Academy of Dance on Highway 231 south Tuesday morning. The state-of-the-art dance studio was founded by Kelly Sanders from Troy.

House Speaker Dana Sanders expressed her gratitude to Sanders for the confidence shown in the future of the community.

“May this trust be rewarded with many years of success,” said the Speaker of the House.

Voltage Academy of Dance is a faith-based dance studio with a core focus on empowering the mind, body, and spirit of young artists through weekly dance training, spiritual mentorship, and an invigorating atmosphere, said Kelly Sanders.

A large gathering of city and county officials and community members applauded the efforts of Sanders and the many people who fostered his dream and wished him all the best as the dream is now a reality.

“The tension is a five-week miracle and a real blessing,” she told the rally. “It could not have been done without the blessings of the Lord.”

Sanders thanked the many people who believed in and supported his vision of a faith-based dance studio with a work environment that “positively shapes the lives of others.”

“I’ve seen, firsthand, how dance is an avenue of arts that really shapes the lives of people of all ages,” Sanders said.

She and her husband, Stephen, have three daughters, who have been dancing since the age of two.

“Dancing develops confidence, discipline, character, perseverance, a good work ethic and many other positive attributes in children,” Sanders said, adding that her desire, her goal, her mission, is to give provide children with a safe environment to nurture their talents, build their character, and lead them into a closer relationship with the Lord.

“At Voltage Academy of Dance, we are dedicated to the performing arts for the city of Troy and are thrilled to see how the Lord will use voltage for His glory,” Sanders said. “Once again, we thank everyone for making a dream come true.