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Les Vikettes – Brunswick Academy dance club | Lifestyles

As Pat Benatar notably sings in “We Belong”, we belong together – Brunswick Academy and dance, that is. “We Belong” was one of many songs Brunswick Academy’s new dance club performed during a Valentine’s Day-themed mash up on Thursday, Feb. 13 for the Brunswick Academy’s Basketball Night. ‘school. The dance club, better known as “The Vikettes”, was founded in November to provide a unique opportunity for trained dancers to be recognized and appreciated by their school community for their incredible talents, which are often only seen during recitals or dance competitions. Thursday was their third halftime performance this year at a men’s basketball home game. Each performance was completely different, offering varied performances of classical, lyrical, jazz and hip hop dance.

Founding members, Brysen Diefert, Meredith Lucy, Shana Love, Meredith Greene and Abbie Lucy, are all longtime dancers from local dance studios, Dance It Out and Emporia Dance. Shana Love, one of the dance club’s choreographers, said, “I have been dancing for 12 years and this club gives me the opportunity to show my love for dance, especially choreographing for performances.

The club’s sponsors, Cora Sadler and Lea Ann Grassel, are Brunswick Academy alumni and high school teachers. When the idea came to add a new component to the spiritual program and game day experience, they were both eager to foster the love of Brunswick Academy and the next generation of young women in Brunswick. Academy.

Cora Sadler, who is also the Varsity Cheerleading coach and a former dancer herself, hopes the club will grow and transform into a team next year, falling under athletics so its members can be recognized as college athletes. A sponsor of the Latin Club for 13 years, Lea Ann Grassel is happy to volunteer her time to another group of students at Brunswick Academy. “Having never practiced dance myself, I am in awe of the athleticism of these young women. They have been a wonderful addition to the spiritual program here at the academy.

Miss Sadler and Ms Grassel were proud of the five young ladies for their hard work and dedication to planning each performance and establishing a legacy at the academy for years to come.