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New era at the JLD Dance Studio in Bathurst | western avocado

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ALMOST 20 years after making her dream come true and starting a dance studio, Jess Turnbull has hung up her dancing shoes and handed her “baby” over to dance teacher Karlee Huges. Ms Turnbull began teaching dance at the age of 16 and took over the Bathurst School Performing Arts in 2002, renaming it JLD. [Jessica-Lea Dennis] Dance studio. Ms Huges was already an existing pupil and remained at the school after Ms Turnbull took over. IN OTHER BUSINESS NEWS AROUND BATHURST: When her student days ended, Ms Huges stayed with JLD as a dance instructor. Now, since Monday, she owns a dance studio, a dream she had not pursued due to her loyalty to JLD. “Karlee has been there from the start and no one else is fit to take over the studio,” Ms Turnbull said. “Dedicated, committed and her genuine love for dancing are the attributes that made Karlee the number one choice.” owner of a dance studio. “During her time at JLD, Ms. Turnbull created fond memories and friendships that will last forever. Her favorite memories are of the dance studio’s trips to America, providing students and their families with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” with a 30-minute showcase … then we pick them up and they perform at Disneyland, Universal Studios and Wet N Wild,” Ms. Turnbull said. “They do workshops at some of the major dance studios there and with Disney too; they do workshops with them and Universal Studios. “I think that was the culmination of it all – letting the families experience the experience of traveling abroad and making all those memories.” During the COVID-19 closures, Ms Turnbull experienced what life would be like without the dance studio and decided it was time to start this chapter of her life while her children were still young. Although she had hoped that one day her daughters would take over the business, their passions lay elsewhere and Mrs. Turnbull decided to pass it on to someone who would love her like her. “It’s time someone else took advantage and treated him like his baby, like I have for 19 years,” she said. “I probably have to mention my parents, who have been there from the very beginning, and I know Karlee’s parents will do the same.” Ms Huges said she was looking forward to embarking on this new adventure and hopes the transition will be as smooth as possible.