Dance club

Opening a dance club in Burr Ridge? nothing certain

BURR RIDGE, IL – The owner of one of Burr Ridge’s most prominent restaurants recently promised that he would soon be opening what looks like a dance club.

But the mayor said Wednesday that the village had yet to receive a proposal for the business. The restaurant is located at 324 Burr Ridge Parkway.

In a since-deleted Instagram video, Capri Ristorante owner Filippo “Gigi” Rovito announced the opening of a dance venue. He said he was standing in a space that “I’ve been working on for a little while.”

“I want my customers to understand that there’s something exciting going on in Burr Ridge, two doors down from the restaurant,” Rovito said. “Look, it’s got energy, it’s got vibe, the music is old school, like it was in the 70s. I’m telling you, you better put your dancing shoes on when you come here. It’s okay be available after the holidays.”

He added: “Don’t tell too many people because then what happens, you can’t get a table here.”

Village administrator Zach Mottl saw the video and emailed Evan Walter, the village’s acting administrator. He said he was unaware the village had approved a new nightclub for Capri and asked for information about the project the village had.

In a Wednesday interview with Burr Ridge Patch, Mayor Gary Grasso said nothing had come before the village about the proposal.

“Having a seat later in the evening or after dinner hours to listen to music is the kind of thing that’s been heard for 10 years in Burr Ridge,” Grasso said. “As long as it’s happening in Burr Ridge, I certainly don’t object. We have to see the details.”

Grasso said he had not seen the video, which was taken down after Mottl emailed Walter.

Rovito did not return a call for comment. When the restaurant was reached, the person who answered the phone said they had an exact date for the opening of the restaurant.

On Nov. 22, 2017, Rovito donated $5,000 to Grasso’s unsuccessful campaign for attorney general, according to state Board of Election records. But Grasso returned the money on Dec. 28, 2017. This was six days after the CBS Champaign affiliate published an article titled “Questionable campaign cash flow for GOP nominee,” which implicated, in part, Rovito’s donation to Grasso.

When asked Wednesday why he returned the money, Grasso would not comment, saying Patch said the interview was about Rovito’s plans for a dance club.