Dance studio

Orillia’s new dance studio has an ‘out of this world’ atmosphere (4 photos)

Titanium Arts Lab, on Colborne Street, has a 3,000 square foot space that’s ‘really great for kids’, says owner

A new downtown company has started dancing in business.

Titanium Arts Lab, located at 17 Colborne Street East, includes a 3,000 square foot art studio that replaces the dance space that was located on Ontario Street.

“We actually bought the Dance Space (but) COVID kind of hit them and they were ready to close the doors. So we bought the assets of the business but reopened and branded as a new studio,” explained Kalene Corcoran, owner of the business with Martine Couture.

“We come from a space where we only had 500 square feet, so it’s really great for the kids and helps keep them separated with the ongoing COVID pandemic,” she said.

Corcoran and Couture hope to bring an artistic experience to Orillia that cannot be found elsewhere.

“Martine grew up dancing at the university level and she really believed that we could grow the arts industry here in Orillia,” explained Corcoran.

“Martine has two daughters dancing here at the studio and her only daughter, Naomi, had scoliosis and had to have titanium put in her spine, which is part of why we named our studio Titanium,” explained Corcoran. “It’s also one of the strongest metals and we wanted to stand out from other dance studios here.

Corcoran says the atmosphere at the Titanium Arts Lab helps students thrive and succeed.

“I think Martine and I bring a unique energy, and I would even say the families we have here have the same kind of energy that’s out of this world,” she said.

“We had a new student who started with us and after one lesson she felt like part of the team. We are very inclusive; our energy is what separates us.

So far, Titanium Arts Lab is off to a good start. Already 600 students have registered for the fall program.

“It’s been going really well, and we have a lot of young people signing up, which we love,” Corcoran said.

Although things are going well so far, Corcoran says there is still a lot of work to do.

“Ultimately, we want to offer visual arts, performing arts, music, painting and all that. But for now, we are just a dance studio and have a strong student base that can help us grow over the next two years,” she said.

Registration for Titanium Arts Lab’s fall lineup is open through October, and you can find more information here.