Dance studio

Permit Approved for Dance Studio and Props Storage in the City of Pewaukee | Waukesha County Business News

TOWN OF PEWAUKEE – A conditional use permit for a dance studio, prop storage and prop rental business along Green Road was approved by City Council this week.

According to city documents, the permit was requested by the Brookfield Center of the Arts for a location at N30-W23383 Green Road. The business will combine two existing tenant spaces for approximately 15,000 square feet of space and use this space to house a dance studio, small office, prop storage area and prop rental business.

The prop rental/storage business and the dance studio will operate individually from each other, according to city documents, with the former operating primarily during the day and the latter after regular business hours.

The combined space is located next to an auto repair shop and a medical supply business, and the area is zoned for limited industrial use. However, with the conditional use permit now approved, the dance studio and prop storage/rental facility will be able to operate in the area.

The proposal that has been submitted to the city includes only interior renovations, according to city documents, to create a 40×50 foot dance studio as well as another bathroom and entry hall.

Construction is expected to begin sometime this month, but an end date has yet to be determined and a potential business opening date has not been indicated in the proposal.