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Samantha shares glimpses of Allu Arjun’s private dance studio and includes portraits of Michael Jackson and Prabhudeva!

All about Allu Arjun’s private dance studio (Photo credit: Youtube/Samantha, Wikipedia, Facebook/Allu Arjun)

While Samantha posted a behind-the-scenes video of her song Oo Antava, what caught everyone’s attention was Allu Arjun’s private dance studio featuring portraits of her favorite dancers.

Allu Arjun designed his studio with the portraits of Michael Jackson and Prabhu Deva, while he fixed a superb portrait of his uncle Chiranjeevi alongside the most popular stars.

Chiranjeevi’s portrait features her famous Daayi Daayi Daamma dance move from the megastar’s hit “Indra,” while the portraits of Prabhu Deva and Michale Jackson feature their signature moves.

Placing Chiranjeevi in ​​his personal dance studio has become a talking point, while Allu Arjun fans appreciate him for his gratitude to his uncle.

The viral BTS video of Samantha on Oo Antava was released earlier on Thursday.

“Here is a small part of my rehearsals. Often the things we practice so hard for don’t make it to the screens and here’s a little sneak peek of some amazing choreography that I really had fun learning,” Samantha wrote while sharing the video.

In the video, Samantha is seen saying “these people are killing me”, she refers to these difficult moves, which turned out to be the highlights of her “Oo Antava” item number from “Pushpa”.

Composed by Devi Sri Prasad, the song Oo Antava has been a sensational number ever since it was announced by the creators.

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