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Ten-Time National Clogging Champion Sole Impulse Dance Studio Returns to Dawson County

The traditional dance that was once characterized by wooden shoes and barn dance floors has evolved. Nowadays, dancers incorporate other contemporary dance forms, such as hip hop, into their routines while moving their feet to the beat of popular artists.

At one point, the dance studio was the focal point of a TLC reality show “Dance Down South”, which focused on the clogging team’s journey to Nationals.

The studio, now in its 15th year of operation, started in Dawson County before moving to Forsyth County for 10 years. Since last year, Hughes and Cagle have decided to relocate their business to Dawson.

“We’re so happy to be back in this business,” Hughes said. “It was good in Cumming…we had been there for 10 years and did really well, but we’re both from here so we’re happy to be back here. Most of our students come from Dawsonville anyway.

Cagle took lessons from Hughes for 10 years before becoming his business partner, and the two, along with their fellow teacher Karley Thurmond, operate the studio. Hughes said she was thrilled to make Cagle her business partner and advance a local women-owned business.

“We’re just happy to continue trying to encourage women to get involved in small businesses and the women who run them,” Hughes said.

In a brief presentation before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Heather Warner, Chair of the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, welcomed Sole Impulse to Dawson County, expressing how much she and the rest of the bedroom are delighted that the studio is joining them.

“We’re always really excited for a new business to be able to provide activities for our young kids, and if you’re offering an adult hip hop class, I might sign up,” Warner said. “So welcome, we’re super excited to have you here, and we hope you learn to love this community as much as we do.”

Sole Impulse Dance Studio is located at 124 Storage Way Suite 140 in Dawson County. For more information about the studio, go to