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Wheel-N-Deals Square Dance Club will host an open house on August 3

The Wheel-N-Deals Square Dance Club will host an open house on August 3 from 6:30-8 p.m. where attendees will receive an introduction to square dancing.

The open house will be located at VFW Post 3413, 1701 Hunter Rd, San Marcos.

Square dance classes begin August 10 and continue weekly through mid-December from 6:30-8 p.m. at the same location. People of all ages are encouraged to participate in this fun and healthy pastime in a smoke and alcohol free environment.

Participants should dress comfortably. The donation for the duration of the courses is $80 for adults; 10-17 years old free with registered parent.

Wheel-N-Deals Square Dance Club has been dancing in San Marcos for 51 years.

This is a dance class for beginners in square dancing. All you need to know is your left from your right and move as instructed by the caller. Each move is simple and requires no prior dance experience.

In 1991, Texas joined 18 other states in naming Square Dance as the official state folk dance. This dance form is loved all over the world and called in English. So, even in Japan, you can dance the square. You can travel the world and experience square dancing in many countries including Australia, UK and Germany.

There is strong scientific evidence that a dance-based exercise program can improve aerobic power, lower extremity muscular endurance, lower extremity muscular strength, lower extremity flexibility, static balance, dynamic balance and agility, as well as walking speed. Dance is especially beneficial for improving people’s health and fitness beyond other types of exercise.

The benefits of dancing also extend to mental health. Dance move sequences improve listening skills and improve cognitive performance.

Line dancing, two steps, waltzes and more are offered at the club. It’s a social event. You meet energetic people. Above all, square dancing promises fun.

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Submitted by Wheel-N-Deals Square Dance Club